No. 6: 1x2

City Adorned in Light

Four years have passed since Sion’s encounter with Rat. After losing his special privileges, including the right to live in Chronos, Sion now lives in Losttown with his mother, Karan. One day, Sion is working as a supervisor at a park, when he discovers the body of a dead man. The corpse appears to be of an elderly man, but Sion soon learns that the body belongs to a man who was in his thirties, and this fact is being concealed by the city authorities. The next day, Sion’s co-worker, Yamase, is also transformed into an old man instantaneously before dying. Immediately after this happens, Sion witnesses a bee clawing its way out of Yamase’s neck.

No. 6: 1×2
Jul. 15, 2011

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