Voltron Force: 1x3

Defenders of the Universe

After the events of Part 2, Wade goes insane and kidnaps the Alliance and replaces its soldiers with robots, while additionally holding Coran hostage. Meanwhile Lotor and Maahox plot to send a new Robeast to Arus to destroy Voltron as it is powered by a combination of Kala, the strategist that Maahox terminated at the end of Part 2 and Haggarium, the substance that Kala’s energy apparently stabilized and resurrected Lotor. As the Lions fight the Kala Robeast (with Daniel piloting Red Lion along with Lance due to an injury he sustained in Part 2) and Keith and Larmina fend off Wade’s robots on the ground, Wade (on another planet with Coran as his hostage) sends a massive Robot Lion to battle both Voltron and Kala. At one point the Kala Robeast literally absorbs the power of Wade’s Lion (thusly severing the connection between Wade and the Lion) and forms a Mega Spider. Vince informs the team that he has completed the repairs of the Black Lion which sends Daniel back to the Castle using his “Speed Claws” Voltcom ability to retrieve it. Keith and Larmina board the Black Lion and upon Keith’s command unite to form Voltron. During the skrimish, they learn that their attacks aren’t working and all but the Black Lion are too weak to form the Blazing Sword due to being surrounded by Haggarium-laced webs. But, after a boost from Vince’s Voltcom, Voltron goes to full power, forms the Blazing Sword and defeats Kala. Maahox, a scientist who seeks to revive Lotor, succeeds in bringing him back to life and explains how long he has been gone and the changes that have been made to his army.

Jun. 16, 2011

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