Voltron Force: 1x8

Flash Forms a Go!

The Force begins noticing several large holes being formed at different locations on the planet. The team learns that whatever is creating the holes is apparently a Robeast trying to find the hidden lairs of the Lions. Lance takes the Red Lion and Daniel to investigate and nearly destroys the Lion when they encounter the assailant. When the team finally encounters the attacker, the team attempts to form Voltron but before they can complete the formation it hits them and splits them up. They try several more times and fail each time until Keith calls a retreat. Vince explains that it takes 36 seconds for the formation to complete and that the team needs to find a way to accelerate the transformation. Daniel and Vince take Red Lion out to test the theory when they encounter the creature which appears to be a giant eye. Lance is infuriated that Daniel and Vince again took a Lion for a joyride but the others chide Lance for lecturing the duo instead of thanking them. When the beast attacks again the team heads out and finally forms Voltron by having Daniel’s Voltcom activate Flash Form, which skips the familiar commands and forms Voltron immediately. Voltron attacks the eye and forms the Blazing Sword to finish off the creature, but a shard of it returns to Maahox to seemingly reveal to him the Lion’s location.

Jul. 21, 2011

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